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Ron Loveridge

Mayor of Riverside (retired)

"An outstanding candidate, I endorse and strongly support Ben Johnson for the Riverside County Board of Education. The reasons to vote for Ben Johnson are compelling: intelligent and thoughtful, a long time member of the Alvord Board of Education, and a respected community leader who makes life better for others. When I was Mayor of the City, Ben Johson and I worked together on a variety of community projects. Without exception, I was  impressed by his good will and hard work. Ben Johson fits the highest profile for a Board member for the Riverside County School--he is experienced, prepared, ready to listen, with empathy and  respect for others." 

Chuck Washington

Riverside County Supervisor, 3rd District

Mr Ben Johnson has my support in his effort to become an RCOE Trustee.


Through his many years conducting Superintendent searches and training as well as over 20 years as an Alvord School Board Trustee, he has gained the experience and insights to make an outstanding RCOE Trustee.


He is married to a teacher and so understands the important role played by employees, while his many years as an Alvord Trustee provides him the skills to manage the complexity of the RCOE financial structure.


Please join me in supporting Ben Johnson for Trustee in the Riverside County Board of Trustees Area 2.

supervisor chuck washington.png
Virginia Blumenthal
RCCD Trustee

As a long time resident of the County of Riverside, a 16 year member of the Riverside Community College Board of Trustees, a former high school and community college teacher and a 46 years of practicing criminal defense law, it is truly my pleasure and honor to endorse Ben Johnson II for the Riverside County Office Board of Education, Area 2.

As a former governing board member in Alvord Unified School District, Ben has developed a legacy of advocating for children as he always puts students first. He has a solid base of knowledge without a learning curve when he is elected to this board. It’s that foundation that will endure his success on the Riverside County Board of Education.  Governing in such unprecedented times we need proven leaders that will have a commonsense approach to education. The time he has spent volunteering in the community and from within the school district has prepared him to listen, respond and act effectively to address the myriad of situations that arise.  As a long time, Trustee on the Riverside Community College Board of Trustees, I have worked closely with Ben during my tenure.  I know that he is a strong leader and will be especially sensitive to the concerns of parents, teachers and staff. 

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Wendel Tucker

Riverside County Office of Education Board of Ed.  Area 2

Fellow Citizens, 

I have proudly served on the RCOE Board of Education for eight years.  What our school board needs is a dedicated, pragmatic, well-studied, visionary, questioning, level-headed professional who puts students first.  The leader must understand and respect the needs of all employees.  That is what we have with Ben Johnson. We are so fortunate to have had his steadfast dedication and experience.  I firsthand witnessed his commitment as a principal, assistant superintendent, and ultimately superintendent.   Ben is a board member that truly cares about the students, families, and employees.  In these difficult times we need a proven leader that can hit the ground running.  His knowledge, passion, and commitment will be valued addition to the RCOE Board.  Our students, families, and employees deserve the best, and that’s what they get with Ben.

Wendel Tucker1_edited.jpg
Brent Lee

Riverside USD Board President

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm to support my friend, Ben Johnson to serve on the Board of Education for the Riverside Office of Education (Trustee Area 2).  Ben would be a tremendous asset to the RCOE Board. As a long time trustee in Alvord Unified he consistently prioritized the needs of students supporting their academic achievements, providing resources to social and emotional needs, and providing a diversity of extracurricular opportunities. Ben is knowledgeable, empathetic, and accessible to the community and all our educational partners.  He is a great listener and open minded to various perspectives and seeks creative solutions in a collaborative manner. Ben has experience advocating at the local, state, and national level.  Ben is a leader whose primary motivation to serve is based on students and their educational advancement, needs, and success. His presence on the board is vital to the district’s recovery from the learning loss suffered during this pandemic. 

Brent Lee (r2)_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Robert Garcia

Jurupa Unified Board of Education

I am writing to express my strong support for the election of Ben Johnson to the Riverside County Board of Education Area 2.   I have had the pleasure of witnessing Ben’s work at both the local and state level. Ben was a trustee in Alvord Unified Scholl District for 21 years. More importantly he is an active parent of four daughters.  Ben brings all this knowledge and perspective to every decision he makes on behalf of all students.    I appreciate Ben’s consistent focus of partnering with parents, academic excellence, and opportunities for all students.  As a Board Jurupa Board member, I want a proven leader to represent our interests on the RCOE Board.  Ben is the clear choice to represent our students and community.

robert garcia.png
Julie Moreno

Alvord Unified Board of Education

As the President of the Alvord Board of Education and a parent volunteer, I am proud to say that I support Ben Johnson for the Riverside County Board of Education.  He consistently has the best interest of students in the forefront. He is a tireless advocate for students, employees and parents. We need a leader that understands the unique needs of all students and especially those in Alvord.  Because of his proven leadership, experience and attention to detail, we will have an effective leader that will partner with parents to help our students realize their unlimited potential.

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