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" With over twenty years as a Board member in Alvord USD and a trainer for Superintendents and Board members.  Ben has the proven leadership and experience to immediately have a positive impact on the County Board of Education. He has a clear understanding of the importance of good governance, is solution oriented, and can navigate complicated governmental agencies to get things done."

o    Parents as Partners
o    Academic Strength
           o    Equality of Opportunities

Parents as Partners
  • Building collaborative relationships that promote trust

  • Engaging in open and honest communication

  • Supporting educators to meet the challenges of raising attainment for all students

Academic Strength
  • Critical thinking: Helping our students to think independently, logically, and clearly will benefit them regardless of their career choice.

  • Thriving Environments: Using

  • Bold Thinking and Risk Taking  to bring innovative ideas and programs to Riverside County

Equality of Opportunities
  • Common Sense Approach to Education: Students are the forefront of all decision making. 

  • Advocating to ensure that ALL students in Riverside County have access the same resources as student in surrounding communities

  • Jobs: Our region prepares all students for college and/or career.  While supporting growth careers in our region.

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